The Moment of Truth: Cubs and Fans Ready for Game 6

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Frederick Krauss, Ph.D.

NLCS Game 6
Despite the hysteria of falling behind the Los Angeles Dodgers two games to one the Cubs righted the wrongs and have come back from their West Coast trip up three games to two and one game away from the World Series. This is what was supposed to happen after a 103-win season. Home field advantage with two shots left. Overall, the Cubs have weathered a few storms this postseason and now face one more in Clayton Kershaw.

By now everyone knows what’s at stake for tonight’s game. So there is not much left to be said. Every fan, analyst, and baseball purist is trying to read the tea leaves to find a winner of this game. Some can argue that the Cubs cannot beat Kershaw on five days rest and the weight of history on their shoulders. On the other hand, others can look towards the recharged offense clicking once again as a sign of things to come.

What this game is going to come down is if Kyle Hendricks can hold the Dodgers in check while the Cubs find some way to manufacture enough runs to make the difference. The Cubs and Joe Maddon will have to give it all they got to scratch out a win. Do they have what it takes to finish the Dodgers off in six? We’ll have to wait and see. Go Cubs!

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