The Sports Corner Bar & Grill: Fun Atmosphere to Watch Cubs Road Games

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Last Thursday, during a beautiful Chicago spring afternoon, we decided to head down to Wrigleyville to watch the Cubs and Jake Arrieta take on the Cincinnati Reds. As soon as we got off of the Red Line we quickly found ourselves on the corner of Sheffield and Addison taking in the sight of Wrigley Field at the Gate D entrance as we always do. Wrigley Field is a vision to behold, almost larger than life as it sits before us. Our plan was to head to Clark to see what was going on until we started hearing noises of excitement behind us at The Sports Corner Bar & Grill. It was like the bar was calling us to come inside and watch the Cubbies that night.

Ambiance: For a Thursday afternoon there was plenty of excitement in the bar as the regulars were waiting for the Blackhawks playoff game and Cubs game to start. In the meantime, they were passing the time away cheering on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Orange County and North of San Diego against the White Sox. The patrons were cheering on every out the White Sox made towards their 2-1 loss to the Angels, which created a fun atmosphere.

It appeared that the White Sox loss was a nice precursor to the fans inside before the Cubs and Blackhawks games started. Since the Blackhawks were playing an elimination game against the St. Louis Blues that game took center stage with the fans that came piling into the bar. Still, with having approximately 30 televisions in the bar there were plenty of screens to watch the Cubs game. Even better, we got to enjoy what turned out to be Arrieta’s second no-hitter and the Cubs 16-0 domination of the Reds.

The Sports Corner also has a great patio that sits about 100 yards from Gate D and the Ron Santo and Billy Williams statutes. I can’t think of a better afternoon when the Cubs are away then sitting in the sun, having cold beers, and taking in Wrigley Field’s surroundings. They also have rooftop beer garden for patrons to get an even better view of Wrigley Field.

Food and Drink: The service at The Sports Corner was impeccable. The minute that we walked in Dot, a server, greeted us and took us to a table in the center of the bar. He was extremely cordial and funny. When we sat down we discovered all the specials they offer on a daily basis. To our luck Thursdays was $1 domestic drafts. That is always a plus!

Leah, our server, came over and took our drink order. She was very friendly and answered a few questions we had. The menu offered so many delicious choices that we couldn’t decide on what to try so we called over Dot and asked him what he liked. He said that he loves the Italian Beef because it was cooked just right and the peppers gave it the right kind of heat. He sold us on the Italian Beef so when Leah came back around we ordered that and the Bratwurst.

The Italian Beef and Bratwurst looked amazing when Leah brought them to us. We found out quickly that Dot was spot on with his recommendation. The Italian Beef was cooked perfectly. The combination of the au jus, sweet peppers, mozzarella cheese, and giardiniera was perfect. The bratwurst with sauerkraut and spicy mustard was just as good.  It was cooked to perfection. The food was all-around excellent and the $1 beers could not be beat.

Overall: The Sports Corner Bar & Grill is a recommended stop for all Chicago Cubs fans either coming through to watch the Cubs at Wrigley, visiting the field, or watching the Cubs on the road. It was a great experience, with friendly staff, and very affordable prices. They have daily special so we recommend checking them out. Moreover, the atmosphere is perfect for a sports bar as any seat in the house has a good view of several televisions. Lastly, there is nothing better in a sports bar then looking out the window and seeing Wrigley Field directly across the street. If you have not visited The Sports Corner Bar & Grill then it is a recommended stop.


Info:    The Sports Corner Bar & Grill 
952 West Addison Street
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 929-1441


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Murphy’s Bleachers: Great Beer, Delicious Food, and Tasty Tunes

By Frederick Krauss, Ph.D.

“Turn the f@#$ing music up! It’s Monday afternoon!” shouted the blonde across the front area of the bar. All of a sudden Eric Church’s “Drink in My Hand” gets cranked up and everyone around are moving with the twang of the guitars while taking swigs of their beer. This was our first introduction to Murphy’s Bleachers, right at the corner of Sheffield and Waveland Avenues, which has been a Wrigleyville establishment for nearly 80 years.

Ambiance: Murphy’s Bleachers serves as a destination for all Cubs and Chicago sports fans in the neighborhood. When we entered the bar and walked through the three separate bar areas we couldn’t help but take notice of a few things. First, it felt like an open and friendly social hangout for the Wrigleyville locals. For instance, at a bank of tables pulled together there were a group of six guys playing a card game while enjoying their beers. At the back bar at the end of the building was another group playing corn hole on the floor the length of the bar having a few laughs while talking about the Blackhawks. Second, just about everyone was wearing some sort of Chicago sports team apparel. Whether it was the card players wearing Cubs sweatshirts and hats or the two guys sitting next us wearing Blackhawks jerseys waiting for that night’s game to start it seemed like the place to be for Chicago sports fans. Third, the atmosphere was laid back and what many would use the term “chill.” It appeared that everyone in the bar knew each other. It had the feel of your local bar that educes camaraderie among regulars rather than a rigid corporate establishment that simply has customers pass though without much interaction.

Food and Drink: Our bartender Matt was a really nice and funny guy. He let us know about the happy hour specials and gave us tastings of a few beers he recommended. Revolution beer were on special so my better half ordered one while I ordered their $3 cheap beer special which was turned out to be a can of PBR. Nothing goes down better than a cold cheap beer! Anyway, after looking over all that the menu had to offer we decided to get a quesadilla and try a bowl of “Dave’s Homemade Chili.” Both turned out to be excellent choices as the quesadilla was loaded with cheese and Dave’s chili had a great flavor to it with the right amount of kick.

After another round of drinks we decided to split a “Murphy’s Famous 1/2 LB Burger.” We ordered ours with cheddar cheese and tater tots (can’t go wrong with tater tots). We both agreed that the burger measured up to the best around the city as it was cooked perfectly and the tater tots were fried to a golden crisp. We certainly were happy with all our food choices at Murphy’s. They have many options on both the food and drink sides of the menu, so there are plenty of opportunities to try new items.

 Memorabilia: Murphy’s is a true den of Cubs fandom. The entire bar from wall-to-wall is lined with Cubs memorabilia. Hung high up on the walls are jerseys of many famous Cubs: Sutcliffe, Sandberg, Sosa, Grace, and Myers. They also had old memorabilia like a 1932 World Series promo poster between the Cubs and the New York Yankees and 1945 National League pennant. There were many photos of old Cubs teams and players. My favorite item of memorabilia was an old wooden Opening Day countdown that is mounted above the door frame between the first and second bars (see photo). The memorabilia alone is worth the trip for Cubs fans to come to Murphy’s for a drink.

Overall: Murphy’s Bleachers is highly recommended. I am sure most Cubs fans know about Murphy’s, but those who don’t should make it a priority to stop by and check out all that they have to offer. It’s certainly a step back in time. There is also something cool about having a drink at the bar and to your right see Wrigley Field through the window. The staff is friendly, the food and drinks are reasonably priced and the food itself is delicious. If you are a Cubs fan or even just a sports fan in general Murphy’s Bleachers is an essential place to visit.

Info: Murphy’s Bleachers, 3655 North Sheffield Chicago, IL 60613- (773) 281-5356





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