Curing All-Star Break Boredom: My Hypothetical Pearl Jam Ultimate Album

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Frederick Krauss, Ph.D.

It’s the Wednesday after the All-Star game, so no baseball today or tomorrow. As a result, instead of writing about the Cubs and baseball, I will focus on music; or, more so, the combination of the Cubs and music.

It is well known that Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder is a diehard Cubs fan having grown up in Evanston, Illinois. He can be seen showing his loyalty frequently at Cubs games. Moreover, Vedder and Pearl Jam have played shows in Wrigley Field in 2013 and 2015 and will be playing two more concerts this summer at The Friendly Confines on August 20 and 22. In honor of Eddie and Pearl Jam, I decided that if I was hypothetically given the power to put together a 10-track album of their greatest songs, this is what I would come up with:

Track 1: Alive

Track 2: Black

Track 3: Daughter

Track 4: Dissident

Track 5: Elderly Woman behind the Counter in a Small Town

Track 6: Corduroy

Track 7: Better Man

Track 8: Yellow Ledbetter

Track 9: Just Breathe

Track 10: Sirens

I think each of these songs stand alone, but altogether create an exceptional album. I am curious to see how others would put together such a Pearl Jam Greatest Hits Album. They have so many amazing songs that putting just 10 songs together is a difficult exercise. What would be yours?


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Cubs News & Notes: Cubs on Colbert, Almora’s Greatness, Fowler’s Return, Jimenez’s Amazing Futures Game Performance, Cubs Health

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Frederick Krauss, Ph.D.

As the Cubs All-Stars prepare for tonight’s All-Star Game and the rest of the players get a much needed rest after playing 24 games in 24 straight days, here is a look at what is going on in Cubs news:

The Cubs All-Stars will have an excellent opportunity to influence home field advantage in the World Series. The game will be aired on Fox at 7:00 p.m.

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Vote Now! Who is Bill Murray’s Best Character Poll! 

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Bill Murray is an American icon and legend. He was born in Evanston and grew up in Wilmette, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. He is inarguably the Cubs biggest and most famous celebrity fan. Murray is regular at Wrigley Field whether it’s throwing out the first pitch, singing “Take Me out to the Ball Game”, or rooting the Cubbies on from the stands. We all have our favorite Bill Murray movies and characters. Here, we want to find out who you think is the greatest Bill Murray character. The poll is easy, just follow us on Twitter and select your favorite character, It’s like “mashed potatoes and gravy, Marie!”

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